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Buddha Statue

Join us for Sunday Service

We are currently holding hybrid in-person and online services. If you wish to attend in person, please be vaccinated. We encourage attendees to wear masks. For those preferring to join us on Zoom, please reach out to us at for the link.

All Are Welcome

Coming to a new church can be an intimidating experience – especially if the whole religion is new to you! Don’t worry, everyone is welcome here, and everyone makes mistakes. In fact, that is one of the hallmarks of our sect of Buddhism – Jodo Shinshu, or Pure Land Buddhism – that we are all foolish beings, and that we are all accepted that way, just as we are.

Reading Group
Japanese Bracelet

Joining the Service In Person

You will be provided with a Service Book, and throughout the service the chairperson will announce what we’re doing next and where to find it. Our tradition is a Japanese tradition, so some of the chants and gathas (hymns) will be in Japanese – but the Service Book will have the phonetic pronunciations, not just the Japanese characters. No one is expected to be able to read Japanese – in fact, most of our members do not. And again, mistakes happen to all of us, so please don’t let fear of getting it wrong keep you from joining in!

After Service

Towards the end of the service, everyone will come up to offer incense. You are welcome to do so, but it is not mandatory. After service, refreshments will be served and you will have an opportunity to meet with our members, ask questions, and get to know each other in a casual, relaxed environment. 

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